Sunday, May 11, 2014

Reflection - To believe or not believe

I simply believe that it is more desirable to have an active and imaginative life, a life full of thoughtful curiosity and hope, a life that leaves room for mystery and transcendence.  I chose to live a life based on a belief that immortality is more apparent than mortality.  

If a person believes that extinction is more likely than existence. If someone prefers to believe in nothing beyond what the eye can see. Then I have nothing to offer them.  

Because I believe it is preferable to live a life of romance; that we need to live a life that views the world with wonder, full of eternal possibilities.

What is odd is that the Christian is free to believe in the order of the universe, to embrace the order of science.  But the non-believer is not allowed to admit that all this order might involve the slightest speck of miracle.  The non-believer’s world is simple and solid.  He knows that history has been simply and solely a chain of causation.  Believers do not limit the mind as do the non-believer’s denials.  For us miracle is possible; transcendence is possible; immortality is possible.
The non-believer seeks to make everything clear, 
and succeeds in making everything mysterious.

                                     The believer allows one thing to be mysterious,                                                               which makes everything else clear.


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