Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What good can come from suffering? ... you ask. "Awareness"

No one wants to suffer.
But ... we must learn that suffering is part of the journey of growth.
It is inevitable in the human state.  All humans suffer.  So the question becomes:

What do you do with suffering?

No one is happy for the suffering - who would be, who could be?
But ... that does not mean that there are no benefits - no blessings.

What good can come from suffering? ... you ask.  "Awareness"

The end of the world for a caterpillar is ... a butterfly.

Suffering can - if we allow it to - helps us to shed the unimportant.
We can become more aware of what is really important in life.
It focuses us on what truly matters.

The blessing in suffering is that you are happy
for for the new level of intimacy that the suffering brought you to.
Often you only know this - after the fact.
You usually can't see it in the suffering.
Perhaps days or weeks or even years later, one day you realize -
"God is so real to me now.  How did I get here?"

Suffering's greatest gift might be that you learn to live in the present moment.
You become fully alive in the moment.

All the expectations of the world drop away when we suffer. You stop caring about an other's approval.  Suffering can allow one to no longer march to the drums of society, but rather become someone who dances to the tune of the music that springs up from within.

When you are ready to lose your life ... you live it.

An Italian poet once said:
"We live in a flash of light; evening comes and it is night forever."
Our earthly life is only a flash and it is so easy to waste it.

Suffering can make you desire not to waste a moment ... and that is a blessing!

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