Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mary's "Yes"

When the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary he said: ““Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you!”   There followed the most incredible moment in human history.  A moment when the whole world and all the angels in heaven held their breaths as God’s messenger awaited the response of a teenage girl.  It seems incredible that God would have to await Mary’s “Yes” before bringing about the miracle of the Incarnation within her womb.

We must never forget Mary could have said ... “No!”  

God respected Mary’s freedom just as He respects the freedom of each one of us. Everything hinged on Mary’s “Yes” to God.  And Like Mary, God ask each of us whether we will be open to receiving the gift of His grace so that we can be all that He created us to be. He asks you today, this moment, “Will you empty yourself and open your heart, your mind and your entire being so that I can fill you with the power of the Holy Spirit?

Will you set aside your own hopes and plans – your own limited ideas for your future – to do my Divine Will  ... and be truly happy?  

God invites each one of us to surrender ourselves to the Holy Spirit, without any conditions or reservations, so that Christ can be formed within us. So that like Mary, we can bear Jesus into the world wherever we may go.

You may imagine that your answer is not so important as Mary’s, that if you say “no” to God someone else will step in to take your place. While it is true that God can raise up others to be His hands and feet on earth. It is also true that He has created us as unique and unrepeatable individuals.  He has a special plan for your life!  And there is no one else who can be what He has called you to be.

Just as God depended on Mary, so He is depending on you.
Who else can love your family the way you do?
Who else can bring the same mix of gifts and talents to your place of work?
Who will share the Good News of Salvation with those around you
if you are not there to live that example and speak those words?

Spend some time today reflecting on your call ... so much like Mary’s ... and place the words of Mary on our lips and in your heart: “ ‘Thy will be done.’ ”

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