Thursday, February 26, 2015

God Came to Tea

God came and sat down with me. I asked God to tea.
God sat there in the kitchen and smiled at me.
But I stumbled and mumbled, afraid just to speak.
It was my invitation, yet how could this be?

I poured God some tea and started to cry.
God patiently waited, but finally asked why.
I couldn’t begin, I was afraid just to start.
What could I say, since God knows my heart?

Do you love me? God asked. But of course! I replied.
Then why won’t you speak to me?
And again, I cried.
I love you, God told me. I know you so well.
But there are things on your mind. Why won’t you tell?

But you know! I replied.
You are God! I cried.
I am just little me and I’m scared.
Don’t you see?

God took hold of my hand in the gentlest way.
God said close your eyes and then try to pray.
I love you so much, so much more than you know.
Talk to me as a friend, just let the words flow.

I don’t seek to control you, I want you to choose.
I want you to love and I want you to lose
the fear that has told you that God is so great
that no one can know God, that Heaven can wait.

For God is right here, God is sipping this tea.
God is talking to you; will you please talk to me?
So I prayed and I talked, soon my eyes opened wide.
God was here drinking tea; God was right by my side.

I’m no longer afraid, not in awe do I stand.
But in love, like a friend. God again took my hand.
Whenever you need me, remember the tea.
Ask me in, sit me down, and then look at me.

I’m your friend, God said.
Don’t hold me in awe.
So I looked in God’s eyes and
there was love that I saw.

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