Tuesday, November 24, 2015

We have a choice – to believe or not.

We have a choice – to believe or not. 

If we do not believe, the divine power is impotent or remote, and then the waves of life engulf us, the winds blow, nourishment fails, sickness lays us low or kills us. 

If, on the other hand, we believe, our eyes are open, and the waters of baptism are welcoming and sweet, the bread of the Eucharist is multiplied, the dead rise again, the power of God is, as it were, drawn from him by force and spreads throughout all nature.

One must either subjectively minimize or explain away the Gospel, or one must admit the reality of its effects not as momentary and past, but as enduring and true at this moment.

It’s our choice.

Into our hands the world and life are placed, like the Host at Mass in the priest’s hands, ready to be charged with the divine.  This phenomenon of our lives being charged with the presence of God relies on one condition, which is that we believe. 

If we believe, then everything is illuminated and takes shape around us – chance is seen as order, success is measured in everlasting prosperity, suffering becomes a visit and a caress of God.

But if we hesitate, the rock remains dry, the sky dark, the waters treacherous and shifting. And we may hear the voice of God, faced with our messed up lives:

“O men of little faith, why have you doubted ...?”

The choice is ours - to believe or not.

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Unknown said...

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