Saturday, May 27, 2017

Grace is something you receive not earn. We so often disbelieve this truth, because we want to earn it.  We love to think of ourselves, and have others think of us, as strong and virtuous.

When we approach “grace” with our ego engaged we lose the ability to take in unconditional love.  We like to be worthy. The problem is that God works from a different playbook. He doesn’t work in a world of scarcity, in a world of winners and losers.  God is humility and generosity and love.  He can’t help it because it is his very nature.  He can only operate in a world of unconditional grace.

Our economy of merit does not comprehend free love. Jesus said to the apostles, “I call you friends.” Friendship, not servant-hood, is the relationship God seeks. Most of us prefer being servants. Divine friendship is simply beyond our imagination.

Our culture worships winners; we prize the ones who compete and win.  Our culture is built on competing, producing, and achieving – winning and losing; which makes us blind to the unconditional gift.  We don’t understand it. We can’t imagine it.  We haven’t earned it.  Or, if we are honest, we can't imagine the one we are judging is worthy of it!  We only understand winners and losers.  Being worthy is everything.

Christianity that is based on a win/lose worldview will always be judgmental and small. It will never make real the generosity of God.  Faith and religion will remain just another thing we attain in a life lived for acquiring. The spiritual path – and life itself – will be mere duty instead of delight.  Delight for all basking in God’s unconditional love.

God loves us all - unconditionally - delight in it!

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