Monday, August 14, 2017


A disciple:

Loves Jesus, regardless of the cost.
Is a lifelong student of Jesus.
Imitates Jesus – is his eyes, ears, voice, hands, feet.
Allows the Lord to lead them.
Welcomes the Holy Spirit in his/her life.
Knows their charisms or gifts and uses them in service of others.
Is conscious of being sent on mission by the Lord.
Knows themselves as a beloved child of God and sees others as beloved by God.
Is open to continuous transformation – ever growing in their faith.
Reflects regularly on the Word of God.
Participates regularly in a faith community – especially Eucharist.
Wants others to share in the joy of a love relationship with Jesus - makes disciples.

Essential for being a disciple:

Personal prayer and personal morality
Social justice – concern for the poor, weak, vulnerable, marginalized
Mellowness of heart and spirit – grateful, joyful, compassionate
Being active in a community of faith

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