Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Saint Jude patron of hopeless cases pray for us.

Down through the ages, prayers seeking Saint Jude's help have produced miracles in the most impossible of situations. Saint Jude has proven to be a true friend and a beacon of hope to those who call on him, always willing to help and seek God's help no matter how desperate the need. With the intercession of Saint Jude, many individuals had their seemingly impossible prayers answered and found hope. Remember it is the work of Saint Jude after his death that has gained him the name - patron saint of impossible cases.

I encourage you today to ask Saint Jude to intercede for you or a loved one. Maybe you are out of work and need a job, perhaps a dear friend was struggling with an addiction or in desperate need of hope. You or a friend may have received a serious diagnosis. Ask Saint Jude today - on his feast day - for his intercession in your life and your need.  

Prayer to St. Jude for My Hopeless Case

Dear Saint Jude, I turn to you in my time of need. Although my situation is desperate, I know that I should not despair. Never let my trust in God and His providence be shaken. With all my confidence I acknowledge that this world will never give me perfect happiness, only God, but I also remember that He promised to give us angels and holy helpers like you, so that we escape dangers and praise and glorify Him even here, on Earth. Holy Apostle Saint Jude, I ask you to intercede for me and to relieve me from my present difficulties. Amen.

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