Friday, April 2, 2021

Spend some quite time today, building up a mental picture of Christ on the cross. 
Once you have built up this mental picture, ask why this is taking place. 
He is doing this for us
He didn't have to; he chose to. We matter that much to him. 
Anyone who suffers low-esteem needs to take this insight to heart.  
You matter to the greatest one of all!  

He was wounded for us.
Each of those wounds is a token of the loving care of a compassionate God. 
Can you see how this should change the way we think about ourselves? 
We are of such importance to him that he chose to undertake that suffering, pain, and agony. 
Form a mental picture of those wounds. 
Cherish them.  
It is by them that we are healed.  
Each of them affirms the amazing love of God for us.  
Each nail hammered into the body of the savior of the world shouts out these words - 

"He loves us!"  

How can we doubt someone who gave everything for us?

Alister Edgar McGrath is a Northern Irish theologian.

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