Wednesday, March 16, 2022

The Saint Brigid Parish Stations of the Cross are Amazing

This Lent let's focus on the words rather than the images.

The first panel says:

We Adore Thee
O Christ
We Bless Thee
By Thy Holy Cross
Thou Hast
The World

The cross of Christ is the greatest of all paradoxes. 

The cross was the darkest hour in history

yet it was the time of greatest light.

It was the most tragic event in the history of the world,

yet the most wonderful thing that ever happened. 

It was the saddest spectacle man ever beheld,

yet it was the most stunning defeat Satan ever suffered

   and the most glorious victory Christ ever won. 

He won by losing. 

He conquered by surrendering. 

We see man's hatred for Christ in the cross, 

yet we see Christ's love for man. 

There we see human vengeance as the crowds cried for His blood, 

yet we see divine forgiveness as Jesus prayed, 

"Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do."

The cross portrays man’s sinfulness and God’s holiness;

 human weakness and divine strength. 

It demonstrates man's inability to save himself 

and God's ability and power to do this for him. 

The cross, from the human standpoint, is foolishness;

yet it is a revelation of the highest wisdom of God. 


St. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians that "for the Jewish people the cross is a scandal 

and for the Greeks (Gentiles) the cross is foolishness, but to those on the way of salvation -- 

Jew and Gentile alike -- Christ the power and wisdom of God!"

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