Friday, July 3, 2020

54-Day Rosary Novena

The Rosary: A Prescription for Healing – Holy Redeemer Parish
A few years ago, I prayed with a group of friends for 54 days seeking God’s guidance.  Those prayers were answered in an impressive way.  That success gave me a desire to pray another 54-Day Rosary Novena for God's protection for our community during this coronavirus outbreak, for healing of all who have been infected with coronavirus and for God to grant wisdom to scientists to find a cure for this deadly virus - quickly.

We will pray the Rosary for 54 consecutive days, without missing a day.
We pray in petition the first 27 days then in thanksgiving the last 27 days.

We have chosen a start date of July 14th because it is the feast day of Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, “The Lily of the Mohawks.”  Kateri was a Native American woman born in New York.  She seems the ideal person to call to mind as we launch this novena, we end on September 5 the feast of St. Teresa of Calcutta.

July 14 to August 9 – we offer our petitions to God.

August 10 to September 5 – we offer prayers of thanksgiving for God’s response.


Unknown said...

so excited...u have no idea how the timing is Divine!
Was hoping for the cannon layers weeks ago and the Vicar too, but this is help, this is Spirit working...
FYI American Indian women are almost extinct...Portland is the major trafficing center
oh how I miss St. B's was sure the "miracle byclyist" drove by 101 Burger King, with a small bike trailer...?
things are in a state of "rapture" here, still developing spiritually, and still recovering and being brought to "Unity" with the Word,
LOVE! Stay safe, look up story of Don Bosco pls...JMJ

Unknown said...

I am praying for divine healing of all relationships, those within families, marriages, friendships, neighbors, and our relationship with Nature. I am also praying for an increase in positive relationships and community all over the world.

Anonymous said...

day 1) Prayers for the sick and dying,
day 2) for the War on American Indians,
day 3) for the recognition and acceptance of the Extracellestials, the Celestial Children of God
day 4) for the protection of the widows and orphans,
day 5) for the protection of oppressed employees
day 6) for the protection of those sodimized
day 7) for the protection of those raped

@ or near 3 to 5 pm hour along with Chaplet of Mercy!