Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Thoughts on the Trinity.

We believe in a Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit –each person distinct and yet perfect in unity and purpose. 

God the Father, The Creator, is knowable through the wonder of creation.  Being in awe of the vastness and preciseness of creation can fashion a knowing in our hearts. “This cannot be an accident," we think, “there must be a God.” Throughout history, most people have engaged thoughts of God through nature. 

Jesus, The Son, has a story that is full of visuals; his birth, the miracles he performed, his teaching moments that fill the New Testament. Because he was one of us in the flesh, he is the most relatable. We can sympathize with Jesus and learn from him how to cope with our troubles from seeing how he coped with his. 

To know the Holy Spirit requires more of us.  We must exercise our spiritual eyes.  Because the Holy Spirit is spiritual; it is not in space; it has no shape or color; our imaginations cannot picture it. The Spirit's gift comes from the fact that it is spiritual.  Its role is to provide us with spiritual eyes, giving us the ability to see God at work in the world. 

The Trinity works in perfect harmony. The Holy Spirit prepares us to receive the Son of God, the Son leads us to the Father, and the Father bestows the eternal life that comes to everyone from believing in God. Christ is alive in the world through the Spirit, and the Spirit empowers those who believe in Christ to respond in joyful obedience to the Father.  What a gift we have in the Holy Trinity! 

Let us invite the Holy Spirit into our hearts today asking that we might know the wonders of our God.

Come Holy Spirit

Send us from heaven

A ray of your light.


Come Father of the poor,

Come giver of gifts,

Come, shine in our hearts.


Most consoling of consolers,

Soul’s welcome guest,

Pleasant coolness.


Rest in toil,

Heat made bearable

Solace in our tears.


O most blessed light,

Fill the depths of hearts

Confident in you.


Without your power,

There is nothing in man,

Nothing unstained.


Clean what is filthy in us,

Freshen what is withered,

Mend what is broken.


Relax our rigidity,

Warm our coldness,

Straighten our crookedness.


Give to your faithful,

Confident in you,

Your sevenfold gifts.


Grant us the reward of virtue,

Grant us to die in your grace,

Grant us joy without end.


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